GSA Contract #GS-07F-6052P

Truck Covers & Tarps

Tarps for Trucking

We carry a full line of truck tarps and covers in many fabrics and textures – from multi-mesh to PVC-coated to Armor ducks and more! All covers have heavy duty hems with brass grommets.

Waste & Scrap Hauler Truck Tarps

All truck tarp fabrics offer excellent tear and abrasion resistance and come in ultra strong to ultra light – whatever you need to make sure your load stays covered. READ MORE ABOUT OUR SCRAP TARPS

Truck Tarps for Automatic Systems

Need a replacement tarp for your auto tarp cover device? Look no further than Humphrys Truck Tarps! We manufacture them for all major original equipment manufacturers. READ MORE ABOUT REPLACEMENT TARPS

Dump Truck Tarps

Secure your dump truck's contents with waterproof dump truck tarp covers. READ MORE ABOUT OUR DUMP TRUCK TARPS

Steel & Lumber Hauler Tarps

Whether your hauls include steel, lumber, machinery or other building materials, be sure your freight gets safely from point to point with one of Humphrys heavy-duty, grommet-reinforced truck tarps. READ MORE ABOUT OUR STEEL AND LUMBER TARPS