GSA Contract #GS-07F-6052P

Athletic Covers

Gym floor Covers, Wall Padding & Gym Mats

Most gyms are multi-purpose, so they have to hold up to sports, dances, concerts, graduations and other activities. That's why our GymGuard gym floor covers are built tough enough to prevent stains, scuffs, impact from furniture and more. We also carry a full line of indoor gym wall padding and gym mats for impact-resistance and safe landings!

GymGaurd covers are constructed in 10' wide sections for easy handling, so that two people can lay down and roll up sections to cover an entire gym floor Nissen® indoor wall padding adds an extra measure of safety to protect your players from hard or fast wall impacts

Our gym mats are available in folding, safety and competition formats Custom size mats also available. We make all mats and pads in our Philadelphia, PA plant.

12" Safety Landing Mat for safe landings