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About Humphrys

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Since 1874, Humphrys has been an American manufacturer and wholesaler of canvas and industrial protective covers. To the right is a copy of our ad as it appeared on page 122 of the 1882 edition of R.L. Polk's Philadelphia Business Guide. Early products included covered wagon tops, awnings and oiled horse covers.

Of course our product mix has changed over the years, but what has not changed is our constant commitment to service, quality and value. It is what keeps us the manufacturing leader in our industry for over 130 years.

Now located in the Southwest region of Philadelphia, we primarily manufacture and wholesale all types of truck covers for waste, refuse and other haulers, rain covers for protection of equipment, supplies and commodities (i.e. salt piles), construction/scaffolding tarps, athletic field covers, gymnasium floor cover systems, windscreens for tennis courts, printed fence covers for athletic fields or businesses, laundry bags and specialty bags.

In addition, we manufacture a wide range of end-items for the U.S. Government including nuclear waste containment bags, truck covers and tent components. Humphrys also wholesales the fabrics used in the above products to small awning shops, other tent and truck cover manufacturers and large shipyards in the United States.

The industrial fabrics are sold under the name Humphrys Textile Products, while the athletic products are sold under the name CoverSports USA.