GSA Contract #GS-07F-6052P

Tarp Covers

Canvas Tarps & Covers

12 oz. canvas on vintage farm tractor

These covers are tough! Each cover is complete
with double-stitched polyester thread on all
hems and seams. You won't find tougher canvas
anywhere else. They include a selection of
water-repellent, fire-retardant and natural untreated.







Our canvas tarps have an Olive Drab, wax-type coating that can make them fire, water and mildew-resistant. The wax coating adds approximately 40-50% weight to the untreated canvas. All weights are also available without wax coating. Colors other than Olive Drab are also available upon request. Specify water-resistant or fire and water-resistant finish.


All canvas tarps have double-stitched seams and hems with grommets placed at approximately 3' intervals (or closer on request).

Typical Cotton Canvas Tarp Specifications

Weight/sq. yd. before coating Stock Colors Breaking strength fill direction* Minimum
warp and fill combined
Water repellency** Flame-out seconds
10 oz. Olive Drab,
100 lbs. 245 lbs. 10" 2
12 oz. Olive Drab 125 lbs. 290 lbs. 12" 2
14 oz. Olive Drab 185 lbs. 370 lbs. 15" 2
18 oz. Olive Drab 200 lbs. 435 lbs. 18" 2

* ASTM D-1682

** Water permeability hydrostatic pressure method per CPAI-63 standard of the IFAI water-repellent fabrics – must have maximum leakage of 15 cubic centimeters and fire and water finishes have max. leakage of 50 cubic centimeters.



10 oz. Gray water-resistant canvas
popular for winter boat tarps
12 oz. Olive Drab fire and water-resistant
canvas will not support combustion